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A Case Study of a Middle Affluent Couple Planning for Retirement Income - Patrick Bogusch and Stephan Granitz from Income Discovery

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Observe this case study to see how modeling options and potential solution combinations might increase their likelihood of retirement success.

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Manish Malhotra, President, Income Discovery - Expert on Retirement Income Planning Software Manish Malhotra, MBA, Founder, President & CEO, Income Discovery - Expert on Retirement Income Planning Software        

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About this course:

Peter and Lisa Parker have an idea of how their expenses and income might flow during retirement, but they want to consult a retirement counselor before making important decisions. Observe this case study to see how modeling options and potential solution combinations might increase their likelihood of retirement success.


A Case Study of a Middle Affluent Couple Planning for Retirement Income - Patrick Bogusch and Stephan Granitz from Income DiscoveryIn this case study, you will learn which of the following may most effectively boost retirement security:

  • Adjusting asset allocation;

  • Working longer;
  • Controlling spending and income by retirement phases;
  • Annuitizing a portion of income;
  • Taking a reverse mortgage;
  • Planning the tax order of withdrawal of assets.

Your instructors for this professional development webinar are:


Patrick Bogusch and Stephan Granitz are from Income Discovery, who work with Manish Malhotra, Founder and President of Income Discovery, optimizing software for retirement income strategies. Manish recently published a paper in the Journal of Financial Planning called “A Framework for Finding an Appropriate Retirement Income Strategy.” His point was that even though retirement distribution is the most actively researched area in the world of financial planning, the profession still lacked a comprehensive analysis framework for comparing retirement distribution strategies.


The framework he proposed has set risk and reward metrics that can provide an apples-to-apples comparison among various retirement distribution strategies such as the appropriate time to claim Social Security or the use of systematic portfolio withdrawals in combination with working longer, phasing retirement income, annuities, reverse mortgages, and tax strategies. This approach is demonstrated in this case study prepared by Patrick Bogusch and Stephan Granitz from Income Discovery, supporting the conclusions of Boston College’s work on "How Important is Asset Allocation to Retirement Security?"


Income Discovery is an online investment advice software offering from Fiducioso Advisors, an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor. The software is offered to Financial Advisors (not to general public) to help them build retirement income plans for their clients. Unlike other financial planning tools, which are merely software to run planning calculations, key capabilities of Income Discovery, such as optimization and constant cash flow bond ladder construction, qualify as giving Investment Advice. Hence Income Discovery software provides investment advice to Financial Advisors in construction of a retirement income plan for their clients.


Stephan Granitz is Head of Analytics and Chief Compliance Officer. He researches efficacy of new retirement income strategies and develops analytical testing suites for the software. In this capacity, he analyzes large complex data sets and extracts valuable insights while working as an intelligence analyst.


Patrick Bogusch provides case support for Income Discovery, after almost ten years in wealth management industry. Patrick graduated in the top 1% of his class with a Master of Business Administration in Finance from St. John’s University. He earned an undergraduate degree in finance from Sacred Heart University.


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