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Changing Behavior or Changing Attitudes - Diane Savage

1.0 hr CFP®, ASPPA, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, CASL; 1.5 hrs CRC® CE -- Why is the prospect of saving for retirement so intimidating and what can you do to help change it? Accumulation is a critical component of preparedness.

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Diane C. Savage, Founder and President of Goodlife  Diane C. Savage, CFP®, CRC®, Founder and President of Goodlife        

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About this course:

Ever wonder why the prospect of saving for retirement is so intimidating to many Americans? What creates that fear? And what can you do to help change it?


Accumulating money during the working years is a critical component of retirement preparedness. But why is it some participants “get the message” to varying degrees, others don’t get it until it’s too late; and some never get it at all? Diane Savage shares ideas and examines the relationship of motivation and alignment as they relate to financial security, as well as some approaches to framing the messages in the accumulation phase so that more participants will not only embrace the concept of saving, but turn that understanding into action.


Topics include:

  • Exploring the tension between "knowing what to do," yet still "not doing it."

  • How attitudes shape behavior, or vice versa, with regard to saving and investing.

  • Helping employees align actions and attitudes about saving.

Your presenter for this session is:

Diane C. Savage, CFP®, CRC®, Founder and President of Goodlife. Diane consults with both individuals and organizations interested in planning for the "new" retirement. Her knowledge and expertise in programs focusing on the psychological/social issues of retirement; financial goal setting; retirement/pre-retirement planning; financial decision-making skills; financial issues for eldercare; money decisions for women; utilizing company benefit plans; and owning your role in retirement security are nationally recognized. She also has coordinated a Successful Aging grant from The Cleveland Foundation as well as working as a Senior Retirement Consultant and national resource for financial and retirement education at Watson Wyatt.

She holds a Master's in Student Development in Higher Education from Case Western Reserve University and a B.A. in Secondary Education, English and Business from Ursuline College (Cleveland, OH).


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Moderator: Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®, Int'l Retirement Resource Center Managing Member and InFRE's Director of Education and Research


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