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InFRE's 2016 2nd Qtr Issue of Retirement Insight and Trends

1 hr CFP®, ASPPA, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, CASL and other CE -- 2016 2nd Qtr free newsletter features Greenwald on Middle Income Retirement, Timmermann on the Aging Brain, and Habib on Retirement Income Sustainability
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About this issue of Retirement Insight and Trends:

Faisal Habib, PE, MBA, FRM, President of QWeMA Sandra Timmermann, EdD, nationally-recognized gerontologist with a focus on aging and its relation to business Mathew Greenwald, PhD, President and CEO of Greenwald and Associates Articles in the 2nd Qtr - Jul 2016 Issue:

  • InFRE Update: The CRC® Exam is Now Offered via Computer Based Testing

  • How Middle Income Retirees Plan For and Manage Their Risks, Assets and Spending Decisions in Retirement, by the Society of Actuaries and Mathew Greenwald, PhD, Retirement Research Expert

  • A Primer for Advisors on the Aging Brain: Understanding Cognitive Impairment, Taking Action Steps, by Sandra Timmermann, EdD, Gerontologist, Successful Aging in Retirement Expert

  • Retirement Income Sustainability: Measuring the Tail Risk of Product Portfolios, by Faisal Habib, PE, MBA, FRM, President of QWeMA (pronounced KWEE-MA), a division of CANNEX Financial Exchanges Limited

  • How Work & Marriage Trends Affect Social Security’s Family Benefits, by Steven A. Sass, the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

In this retirement-specific newsletter, planners will learn about:

  1. Retirees’ biggest financial concerns about retirement; the most common financial shocks experienced in retirement and their impact;

  2. How people deal with a variety of retirement risks;

  3. How people their manage income and spending retirement years;

  4. The aging brain; gain a better understanding of diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and the behaviors that result;

  5. Normal age-related changes in memory that occur in the brain and strategies to maintain brain health;

  6. How to detect elder financial abuse;

  7. Possible interventions and actions that advisors can take before and after their clients become cognitively impaired;

  8. The risks faced by clients as they transition into retirement; metrics that are used to build optimal product allocation between annuities and traditional investments;

  9. How to measure the tail risk of product portfolios; identify the client portfolios that need careful (or constant) monitoring using these metrics;

  10. A case study that applies these metrics and help your clients manage the risks in their portfolios.

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