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Increase your clients’ and prospects’ confidence in, trust of, and respect for your services by providing objective education for making informed retirement income decisions with this one-hour version of our popular workshop.
What customers say: "Excellent workshop – very informative. Hands-on approach is very valuable!"
License Renewal Requirements:   First year licensing fee $695 includes 25 Workbooks. Subsequent annual licensing renewal fee $195. Additional workbooks $125 pkg/25 or $100pkg/25 if you order 3 or more plus shipping.
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Live workshop with collateral materials for presenter
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Differentiate yourself by demonstrating how you can help your prospects and clients make informed retirement income decisions with the *NEWLY REVISED* InFRE® Retirement Income Client Workshop!

InFRE's Managing Retirement Income Client Workshop will help you gather, reposition and retain retirement assets. This popular FINRA-reviewed workshop (re-review pending) has been updated and revised to be a one-hour educational marketing presentation that will help you help your clients and prospects objectively understand:

• The difference between retirement accumulation planning and distribution planning.
• How to identify and manage longevity, inflation, healthcare and investing risks.
• Options for closing retirement income gaps and how to create lifetime income.
• The importance of working with a retirement professional to create a viable retirement income plan.

Today’s retirement planning environment is complex.

With longer life expectancies, rising health care costs, and fluctuating retirement savings values, generating a continuous income stream is an increasingly difficult challenge for all but the most well-prepared. Clients need to understand the challenges they will face before they retire in order to make informed decisions about when to retire and how to take distributions from their pension, 401(k)/457/403(b), IRAs and other personal retirement savings.

Likewise, retirement advisors and counselors like you need an objective educational marketing workshop that teaches pre-retirees what they need to know and do to make a successful transition to retirement. If you serve the middle-affluent and middle-mass markets, you need resources that enable you to productively, profitably and suitably help clients and prospects experience a retirement as beneficial and personally rewarding as they had hoped.

We've made this easy for you with our "Managing Your Retirement Income" educational workshop. This product helps you provide a high-touch, high-value service for the people who matter most to your business -- your clients and prospects.

What workshop attendees will learn

During the 60-75 minute "Managing Your Retirement Income" educational marketing workshop, clients and prospects learn how to make informed retirement income planning decisions. They'll receive workbooks to complete for use in post-program, one-on-one meetings with you, and will learn:

  • The importance of identifying the life they would like to retire to
  • How to identify essential and discretionary expenses and creating a lifetime income floor
  • The four greatest risks retirees face and how to manage them
  • Options for closing potential retirement income gaps
  • Methods for creating a secure income stream that lasts a lifetime
  • Why it is important to use a qualified advisor to create a retirement income plan

Benefits to you for presenting this workshop:

  • An increase in confidence in, trust of, and respect for your services by providing objective education for making informed decisions
  • The introduction during the program of a process developed by CRC®, CFP® and CFA® certified professionals that helps you productively, profitably and suitably guide clients through retirement income planning.
  • Clients will better understand the retirement decision-making process and can be better prepared for one-on-one counseling sessions
  • Clients will better understand which types of distribution options and retirement savings investments have potential for their situation, thus reducing the time needed to design a retirement income plan.
Workshop license includes:
  • See an excerpt of this 60-75 minute, fully-scripted PowerPoint presentation
  • See an excerpt of the 25 Client Workshop participant workbooks included in the initial license package. The license requires each participant receive a workbook; extra workbooks available for order below.
  • Watch an excerpt of the "Train-the-Trainer" online elearning course that comes with this package to help you prepare your delivery.



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What clients say about this workshop:

After delivering the workshop, clients will be motivated to take action and your first meeting will be more like a second or third. Recent workshop participants were asked what they liked most about the workshop and responded:

“No one should even consider retiring without this information.”

“This hour and a half made us take a realistic look at retirement.”

“This helps my husband and me start planning in a practical way that we can understand.”

“Provided multiple areas to think about for retirement. Made me see the need to visit with a planner or advisor now instead of waiting.”

Course license requires an annual renewal fee of $195. Workbooks are required for each participant. Extra workbooks are available for $125 set/25.

Contact us for group discounts.

You will receive:
  • Fully-scripted PowerPoint presentation for you to deliver to the attendees of the workshop (see excerpt here)
  • 25 Workbooks (see excerpt here)
  • Customizable Action Plan contained within the Workbooks to jumpstart attendees' willingness to implement what was learned during the workshop
  • Online elearning "Train-the-Trainer" course to help you prepare your delivery (see excerpt here)
  • Workshop evaluation template
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