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10/10/2017 The Personal Cost of Caregiving: Women Need to Protect THEIR Retirement Too! - Cindy Hounsell - Rebroadcast


What can be done to protect their retirement security. the personal financial and retirement consequences experienced by caregivers who provide unpaid care to family members?

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Cindy Hounsell, JD, President of WISER – Women and Retirement Advocate and Expert , Behavioral Research Associates, LLC Cindy Hounsell, JD, President of WISER - Women and Retirement Advocate and Expert

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About this course:

Financial Advisor article by Karen Demasters - Women Often Hurt Financially When They Become Caregivers For Elderly Check out what Financial Advisor reporter Karen Demasters said in this Financial Advisor article after she attended Cindy Hounsel's webinar!

In an estimated 36.5 million households across the country, an adult is providing unpaid care to a family member.


Sixty-six percent of those caregivers are women, according to the “Caregiving in the U.S.” study by the National Alliance for Caregiving. Caregivers spend on average 20 hours each week providing care, leaving them with less time for paid work.


In sum, caregiving has serious financial consequences and it is important for women to understand the consequences and to take steps, whenever possible, to protect their retirement security.  The The Personal Cost of Caregiving: Women Need to Protect THEIR Retirement Too! - Cindy Hounsell, JD


In this session with you’ll learn how:

  1. Female caregivers forfeit pay and benefits, pensions, miss out on opportunities for compounded returns on 401(k) matching contributions, and experience reduced savings and investments.

  2. 70 percent of caregivers experience disruptions in their job, including being late, leaving early, reducing work hours, leaving their jobs completely, and losing job benefits. These negative consequences are compounded by the reduced Social Security benefits available during retirement.

  3. To help women plan carefully before leaving a job/working part-time to caregive.

Your instructor for this course is:

Cindy Hounsell, JD, Cindy Hounsell, JD, President of WISER, the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement. Ms. Hounsell provides technical assistance to several national organizations, as well as provides training to leaders and grassroots advocates around the country as part of her role as director of the National Education and Resource Center for Women and Retirement Planning, funded by the U.S. Administration on Aging.


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