Employee “Controlling Your Financial Future: How to Increase Your Wealth, Decrease Your Debt, and Manage Your Cash Flow” Live Workshop License

Designed for the employer market, you’ll teach the basic financial management skills employees need to productively and confidently reach their financial and values-based goals, reduce debt and dig up dollars for retirement.

Purpose of the Program
Every year, people spend thousands of hours working for their money, while rarely understanding how to make their money work best for them. In the meantime, the dollars they save are eaten away by inflation, taxes and bad investments. Sadly, our educational system doesn’t teach people how to manage their money so they can protect and do more with what they have. In “Controlling Your Financial Future”, participants learn the basic financial management skills they need to productively and confidently reach their financial and lifestyle goals, and to become better prepared for retirement.
Who Should Attend
This workshop is designed for middle-market employees or consumers in the 25 – 50 year old age group, although individuals who earn more or are older will also greatly benefit. Spouses are strongly encouraged to attend for no additional fee. Group sizes of 25 – 35 (including spouses) are recommended for best results.
Instructional Method
You will teach participants about successful financial planning tools and help them create an actionable action plan using an interactive, hands-on approach that increases the application and retention of new skills.

The workshop license includes:

  • 75-90 minute scripted PowerPoint presentation with printed leaders guide for your delivery of the program
  • 20 participant workshop workbooks are included in the initial license package. The license requires each participant receive a workbook; extra workbooks available for order below
  • Watch an excerpt of the elearning course that comes with this package to help you prepare for your delivery of the course.


  • You’ll also receive access to an MP3 of this elearning version of this course to help you prepare or refresh your thoughts while you drive or exercise!

Benefits to the Employer

  • Higher participation in employer-sponsored deferred savings programs
  • Enabling employees to do more with what they have versus depending upon salary/benefit increases as the answer to their money problems
  • Higher concentration on the job when employees learn how to address and take action with personal money concerns
  • Increased morale, productivity; lower turnover

Benefits to Course Participants

  • Learning how to take action and make informed choices about their financial future
  • Having greater control over their money, thus decreasing stress and increasing productivity and peace of mind
  • Experiencing a greater feeling of confidence about their financial health
  • Digging up dollars for retirement saving

What Participants Will Do

  • Discover how they can control their financial future by controlling their monetary investing and spending
  • Evaluate their current financial situation and identify how and where to work more effectively
  • Clearly define and prioritize financial goals
  • Apply wealth-building principles and determine which types of investments allow them to reach their financial goals
  • Plan for reducing personal debt
  • Learn how to make changes and exert control over their financial future through use of a spending plan (budget)
 Advisors and Retirement Counselors:
How can you educate your employees or clients on the basic financial management skills they need to help them build wealth to secure their retirement future? We’ve done the work for you with this licensable workshop, complete with scripted PowerPoint, elearning training course, and participant workbooks for you to easily offer this workshop to your audience.
What Participants are Saying about the “Controlling Your Financial Future™” Workshop
“Working hands-on with our own numbers made the content very applicable and the retention much greater.”
“This hit home – put me into shock – then I accepted a workable plan to escape from my past inability to save money. I eliminated two credit cards; set a plan to rid of three more in six months! I also saved $500 on my auto insurance from what I learned in this course. Thank you!”
“I appreciated the guidance in setting realistic financial goals so I can take charge of my financial future and not leave it to chance.”
“This course was a real eye-opener. It gave us the tools to help us construct a ‘realistic’ budget enabling us to begin to build a solid base for our financial future.”
“Your approach helped me see my net worth in a new light and how I could take action to change my financial situation.”
“I like how the material was presented in simple terms and that steps were suggested so that I can approach my money and future using an intellectual plan vs. an emotional one.”
“I liked the worksheets to make our own figures work for us, and the specific ways to increase our net worth and decrease our debt. The workbook is concise and easy to spot key ideas.”
“I found the program to be very insightful and I really learned a lot. You made learning fun and interesting. The time I spent in the class just flew by. I was so pumped up and enthused to learn more that I hated to leave!”What HR/Benefit Personnel Are Saying About “Controlling Your Financial Future™”
“I do training myself and quite honestly, I can’t think of a thing I would change . . . very audience responsive, very thorough . . . handled a very complicated subject with clarity and simplicity.”
“Thanks for the terrific program! The evaluations from the maximum-attendance class were outstanding. There were many positive comments about your hands-on, easy to understand approach to personal financial planning, and the participants liked the reproducible forms and handouts that will enable them to gain control of their financial futures.”
“The workshops provided many useful strategies for budget and retirement planning and you did an excellent job presenting the complex information in an easy to understand manner. We received many positive responses from employees who attended the seminars. Several indicated they are able to make more informed and responsible decisions regarding their budget issues. Others, who had not addressed long-term financial planning, have taken steps to implement a course of action as a result of these seminars.”
“The evaluations filled out by participants in our financial planning/education programs have consistently rated these services as ‘excellent’. We plan to use you again in the future!”
Are you looking for a course just like this? Consider our “Controlling Your Financial Future” self-study programs, available in printelearningebook or audio versions. Or, send this link to your financial advisor or retirement counselor, and ask him or her to offer the course to people like you!

You will receive:

  • Leader’s guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Access to elearning and MP3 prepatory aides
  • 20 workshop workbooks
  • Participant and summary evaluation templates
  • License requires one workbook be provided per person or couple and $225 annual renewal fee

Developed by:

   Betty Meredith, CFA®, CFP®, Author Controlling Your Financial Future, Published by Discover Learning, Inc.


What customers say:  “I had been somewhat skeptical about attending other financial-related seminars because I didn’t want a high pressure sales approach. This course provided great information with no services being sold or pitched. What a great course!”

Designed for: Advisors and Retirement Counselors to deliver courses to Clients, Consumers and Employees

Learning Stage: 4 – Resources for seasoned professionals

Retail: $995.00

License Renewal Requirements:  License requires one workbook be provided per person or couple and $225 annual renewal fee. Customization is available for an additional fee.

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Your satisfaction guaranteed: We know that you will be pleased with your purchase of this product. If, however, you are not completely satisfied with these courses, see our refund policy.

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