Greg Prost, CFA – Bond Investing Expert

Greg Prost, CFA – Bond Investing Expert

Greg Prost, CFA, is the Chief Investment Officer of Ambassador Capital Management, a money management firm specializing in fixed income and located in Detroit, Michigan.

Greg has a gift for taking what could be a very dry topic such as making informed investing decisions about investing in bonds, and humorously helping professionals evaluate and plan for how the current and future investing environment might affect the value of their investments in bonds.

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Greg has nearly three decades of experience in the fixed income arena, and is regarded as a bond investing expert. Prior to joining Ambassador Capital Management in 2000, Greg was a Partner with Munder Capital Management, where he served as a Senior Portfolio Manager.

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Greg is a frequent speaker to Michigan municipal organizations and is a member of the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association, Michigan Government Financial Officers Assoc, the Michigan Assoc of County Treasurers and a member of the Investment Analysts Society of Detroit.
Greg’s audiences include trustees of pension plans, retirement professionals advising bank, credit union, brokerage clients or retirement plan participants, and public sector retirement counselors seeking to broaden their professional understanding of investing as part of a retirement plan.

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