How to Make Your Clients’ Money Last Longer with Withdrawal Sequence Strategies – William Meyer

How you “tap” or liquidate retirement savings to generate income impacts portfolio longevity.

Similarly, how you coordinate guaranteed income, Medicare and Social Security with the sequence you withdraw client savings impacts how long retirement savings lasts.

Learn how to beat the “conventional wisdom” used to generate retirement income for your clients.

In “How to Make Your Clients’ Money Last Longer with Withdrawal Sequence Strategies” you will learn:

  1. What is a withdrawal strategy and how to compliment guaranteed income solutions with liquidating retirement savings in an order that maximizes family wealth;
  2. The “conventional wisdom” sequence and its limitations;
  3. Defining a framework for optimal withdrawal strategies;
  4. Tapping savings using multiple accounts and the right thresholds;
  5. Advanced – phased withdrawal strategies or changing the withdrawal sequence;
  6. Case Study – “Coordination” best practices to ensure you don’t torpedo your clients by accident.

Your presenter for this course is:

William Meyer, CEO, Retiree, Inc. and Social Security Solutions, Inc.

William (Bill) Meyer, CEO, Retiree, Inc. and Social Security Solutions, Inc., is a nationally recognized expert in retirement income withdrawal strategies and Social Security claiming strategies. With Dr. William Reichenstein from Baylor University, he developed Income Strategy and Social Security Solutions, the leading retirement income management and withdrawal software for financial advisors,

Bill’s robust research is recognized for identifying the sub-optimal nature of the conventional wisdom currently used to create withdrawal strategies and solving the gap in retirement income with a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy that is proven to extend portfolio longevity by up to a decade.

Bill has been the featured speaker at national events, and recently spoke in front of a Senate Committee regarding improving Social Security. He is a former Trustee of the Securities Industry Institute at Wharton and holds multiple securities licenses.

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