John E. Nelson - Purposeful Retirement Advocate, Author & Coach

John E. Nelson – Purposeful Retirement Advocate, Author & Coach

John E. Nelson – Purposeful Retirement Advocate, Author & Coach

John E. Nelson is a nationally known writer and speaker on life stage planning, focusing on how people plan for better prosperity, health and happiness. He the author of “What Color Is Your Parachute – for Retirement” with Richard Bolles.

John started his career as a technical retirement plan consultant, when he realized that the technicalities of retirement planning did not always translate well to personal life planning. He embarked on earning at PhD at the University of Wisconsin where he was able to study with visionaries including Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania, and David Cooperrider, Case Western Reserve, to look at retirement in a different way.

John took all he was learning and developed the “Well-Being Model” as a practical and concrete model for helping future retirees allocate assets in their portfolios along with making life decisions such as where to live and how to find the ideal career. As John says, “I’ve been working to figure out a better way for us to plan the second half of life. Not just our careers and finances, but our lives.”

While the Well Being Model is based in theory, many organizations were able to immediately see the practical applications. It was adopted by the U.S. government as the underlying structure for an employee education program for all federal agencies. The Model also has been used by AARP and Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For” employers and others to help structure their employee education programs.

Retirement Happiness: Planning for a Successful Transition - John Nelson - YouTube clip What Color Is Your Parachute? for Retirement: Planning for Prosperity, Health and Happiness - John Nelson - YouTube clip

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John continues his research on the “Well Being Model” as he works to complete his PhD at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he teaches courses in continuing studies such as “Retirement Happiness: Planning Your Next Stage of Life”. He travels frequently to speak to professional groups, educators, employees and many other audiences. Events range from conferences and workshops, to in-house events.

He has presented to a wide range of national conferences including:

  • The Financial Planning Association
  • The Society for Human Resource Management
  • The National Pension Education Association
  • The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors
  • The International Career Development Conference
  • The Positive Aging Conference
  • The Appreciative Inquiry Conference
  • and others.

Every presentation is custom tailored for maximum engagement and relevance to each unique audience.

Retirement Happiness: Planning for a Successful Transition - John Nelson - in the 2nd Qtr issue of Retirement InSight and Trends What Color Is Your Parachute? for Retirement: Planning for Prosperity, Health and Happiness - John Nelson - 1st Qtr issue of Retirement InSight and Trends Retirement InSight and Trends article Click on the icons to the right to read summary transcript articles of presentations by John Nelson in recent issues of Retirement InSight & Trends.

John E. Nelson is the Co-Author of What Color Is Your Parachute? for Retirement, Second Edition: Planning a Prosperous, Healthy, and Happy Future, available at Amazon and other book retailers.

He is also the author of the “Retirement Readiness” section for InFRE’s CRC® #4 Manual: Fundamentals of Retirement Income Planning.

John has been interviewed numerous times for various publications, such as The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Dow Jones Marketwatch, Business Week, AARP Bulletin, Investment Advisor, and more, including the following Wall Street Journal article:

The Wall Street Journal’s Guide to Financial Planning – An interview with John E. Nelson

What Others Say:

“John’s engaging presentation style and revolutionary model transformed a room full of semi-panicked, affluent baby boomers into a hopeful, reassured group. He turned a transition that most people find complex, frightening, and overwhelmingly into a journey of self-discovery and opportunity.”

-Danis Houser, Grosse Pointe Public Library

“John was a star among stars in our college lecture series. He completely captivated a large, diverse audience of mid-life and older adults from the community, college faculty and adult students. In their evaluations of the presentation, attendees repeatedly commented on John’s command of the several fields encompassed in planning for retirement, his skillful and entertaining use of visual materials, and his delightful manner of speaking. What Color is Your Parachute? For Retirement is a wonderful book, but John in person is even better. We can hardly wait for an occasion to bring him back.”

– Jacquelyn Mattfeld, PhD, HWCC Center for Creative Aging

“John was one of our best speakers! His session not only fully held the attention of some of the most experienced and expert financial planners in the country, but he added another layer of insight to their professional awareness. Attendees came to me wishing we would have given him more time and told me to make sure National Association of Personal Financial Advisors gets him to return!”

– Michael Dubis, CFP, National Conference Chair, NAPFA

“John’s depth of retirement planning knowledge is amazing, and his range of topics is unmatched. More importantly, he connects with our diverse employee audiences, and finds ways to make the content relevant to them. We have had many national speakers in our corporate programs over the years, and I count John as among the very best.”

– Sally Hass, M.S.Ed., Employee Benefit News “Retirement Educator of the Year”

“John was a featured speaker at our annual client retreat for advanced financial planners. He earned high praise from all of the attendees because of his thought-provoking and timely message, engaging style, and innovative presentation materials. John made a huge contribution to the success of our conference, and we definitely plan to invite him to present at future events.”

Carol Anderson, M.S., President, Money Quotient, Inc.

“John’s simple, positive approach to life planning makes participants eager to learn more, and makes me eager to invite him back over and over. Perhaps his impact is best summed up by this comment from a recent participant: ‘Thanks for arranging such a qualified person like John Nelson to talk on the subject!”

Andy Landis, Retirement Planning Manager, Weyerhaeuser Corporation

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