What You Need to Know About Managing Your Retirement Income – MP3

“When and how should I take income from my employer-sponsored and IRA retirement savings? When should I take Social Security? How do I protect against outliving my money?

”Once you’ve been retired several years, a gap might materialize between your retirement income and retirement expenses depending on how well income is protected against inflation. In addition, a new retirement environment of longer life expectancies, rising health care costs, and fluctuating retirement savings values will make the income stage of retirement an increasingly difficult challenge for all but the most prepared.
It is essential that you understand the challenges you will face before you retire so you can make informed decisions about when to retire and how to take distributions from your pension, 457, 403(b), and other personal retirement savings. You need to understand how to successfully transition into and manage your income and expenses in retirement so you can experience the enjoyment and peace of mind you deserve!
Who Should Take This Course
If you are a middle-income to upper-middle income pre-retiree or retiree who wants to make informed decisions about when to retire and how to convert employer retirement plan and other savings into income during retirement, then this course is for you!
Instructional Method
You will learn a retirement income decision-making process and create an actionable action plan using an interactive, hands-on approach that increases the application and retention of new skills. Completion of the worksheets from this course will help you save time and money if your choose to work with an advisor or Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) to help you refine and implement a retirement income plan.
This course includes:


What you’ll learn:

  • Identifying your retirement income sources and how your pension works with Social Security, personal savings and post-retirement employment.
  • A six-step process for creating a retirement income plan, complete with sample worksheets.
  • The four greatest risks facing retirees today and how to manage them.
  • Identifying potential gaps in your retirement income and your options for making up the difference between your expenses and income.
  • Tax and income distribution considerations before taking income or continuing to work.
  • Why traditional income calculations and assumptions are inadequate.
  • Tips on creating a secure income stream that lasts a lifetime.

What Participants are Saying about the “What You Need to Know About Managing Retirement Income™” Workshop

“Provided things to think about that I had not previous considered.”

“Helpful with showing how inflation and healthcare will affect our retirement savings/spending.”

“This showed me where I need to be for retirement.”

“No one should consider retirement without this information.”

“I would have liked to have seen this five years ago!”

“[The] worksheets are very helpful for real situations.”

“Excellent workshop – very informative; hands-on approach is very valuable.”

“This hour and a half really made us take a realistic look at retirement.”

“It helps my husband and me to start planning in a practical way that we can understand.”

“I don’t plan on retiring for 5-10 years. I wish I would have attended sooner.”

“Explained very well so the average person could understand. I learned so much!”

“The workbooks will serve as a valuable tool to assess my current economic status and how to work to make positive changes to increase a retirement savings program.”

“Really appreciate the take home information. The worksheets are very helpful. These items can be re-visited periodically during retirement.”

“The information presented in a way to understand and information that I believe will be used once in retirement.”

“I am happy we took this seminar 15 years before the planned retirement.”

“The ‘shock and awe’ strategy works!”

Presenter: Diane C. Savage, CFP®, CRC®, Goodlife

Developed by:

   Betty Meredith, CFA®, CFP®, Author Controlling Your Financial Future, Published by Discover Learning, Inc.


What customers say: “No one should consider retirement without this information.”

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Learning Stage: 1 – Retirement essentials

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