Pensionizing Your (Client’s) Nest Eggs: What, How and Why? – Alexandra Macqueen – Learn more


Pensionizing Your (Client’s) Nest Eggs: What, How and Why? - Alexandra Macqueen

With the rapid decline of these traditional pensions over the past few decades, retirees must now create their own plans to ensure the savings they’ve accumulated for retirement last a lifetime.

How can you help your clients determine an optimal product mix that incorporates maximizing either a sustainable lifetime income, planned financial legacy, or a mix?

One solution? “Pensionizing” a portion of your clients’ nest egg — by purchasing a “personal pension” that provides guaranteed income they can’t outlive.

Attendees of this course discuss (a> the new risks that investors face as they approach and entire retirement, including longevity, inflation and sequence-of-returns risk, and how retirees can combine financial and insurance products to create retirement income plans that meet their individual goals.

In particular, we will examine how the optimal product allocation for a retiree will depend on their preference for maximizing sustainable lifetime income, or maximizing a planned financial legacy.


In “Pensionizing Your (Client’s) Nest Eggs: What, How and Why?” you will:

Pensionizing Your (Client’s) Nest Eggs: What, How and Why? - Alexandra Macqueen

Pensionizing Your (Client’s) Nest Eggs: What, How and Why? – Alexandra Macqueen

  1. Review the main risks that should be considered when creating retirement income plans.
  2. Explore how different types of financial products respond to the risks retirees face.
  3. Learn how “product allocation” can be used to mix-and-match financial and insurance products to create optimal retirement income plans in response to client goals.
  4. Discover, through the use of case studies, how “pensionizing” a fraction of a retiree’s nest egg impacts the sustainability of their lifetime income and their expected financial legacy.

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Your presenter is Alexandra Macqueen, CFP®, co-author (with Dr. Moshe Milevsky) of “Pensionize Your Nest Egg: How to Use Product Allocation to Create Guaranteed Income for Life” (Wiley 2015).


Alexandra Macqueen, CFP® - Personal Finance Author & Expert

Alexandra Macqueen, CFP® – Personal Finance Author & Expert

Alexandra is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and teaches personal finance at York University, one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. She holds the CFP designation and has worked in multiple facets of the wealth management industry in Canada, including as a registered advisor and more recently in marketing and strategic planning.

Moderator: Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP®, CRC®, Int’l Retirement Resource Center


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