Planning for Elder Care – Brad Breeding Takeaway #2

Brad Breeding - Takeaway #2 - You can be a catalyst for prompting important senior living conversations while also enhancing your practice.

Brad Breeding – “Where Senior Living and Retirement Planning Intersect, Opportunities Emerge”


What to consider if it’s time to move to a retirement community

• What is the plan if needs advance beyond what’s available in that retirement community?
• Is long-term care insurance in place?
• Once the home is sold, can freed-up home equity be invested or a portion used to buy a hybrid LTC plan?
• Consider creating a plan for covering the monthly payments; i.e. inflation-adjusted annuity, dividend plan, bonds, etc.
• Consider using the potential year-1 medical tax deduction when entering a CCRC for a Roth conversion if the client qualifies.

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