Planning for Elder Care – Brad Breeding Takeaway #1

Brad Breeding - Takeaway #1 - Aging in place may not always be the most practical choice, even if perceived to be less costly.

Brad Breeding – “Where Senior Living and Retirement Planning Intersect, Opportunities Emerge”


Where senior living and retirement planning intersect, opportunities emerge

It’s counter-intuitive, but staying in the home may not be the least expensive way to age in place.  Brad Breeding, CFP, President of, believes advisors can be a catalyst for prompting important conversations while also enhancing your practice with questions such as:

  • What concerns you about your future?
  • Is it your plan to stay in your home for the long term? Why or why not?
  • What’s most important to you about that?
  • What are some of the contingencies that we need to plan for if you do that?
  • Have you thought about what you might do if your health surprisingly declines?
  • What steps would you like your family to take?
  • How involved do you want your family to be?

For more on this subject by Brad Breeding you may take this course for 1 CE credit here. Or, visit Retirement Insight and Trends, InFRE’s quarterly newsletter for retirement professionals, for a summary article of this 2017 presentation. Learn more about the presenter, Brad Breeding, CFP®, President and Co-Founder of MyLifeSite.

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