01/04/2019 How to Protect an Aging Client’s or Adult Child’s Retirement Security from a Medical Crisis – Annalee Kruger – Rebroadcast

How to Protect an Aging Client’s or Adult Child’s Retirement Security from a Medical Crisis – Annalee Kruger

How to Protect an Aging Client’s or Adult Child’s Retirement Security from a Medical Crisis – Annalee Kruger

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Most parents want to age in place, so a medical crisis can put families into a tailspin if a plan is not in place ahead of time.

Adult children who assume the role of caregiver must re-organize their business and personal lives to meet the needs of an aging loved one, as well as find funds to meet the unexpected health costs.

It is important for advisors to understand the needs typically associated with a medical event of an aging loved one, how it might affect the retirement security of the aging client and their adult children caregivers, and what can be done to help clients be financially and legally prepared.

In “How to Protect an Aging Client’s or Adult Child’s Retirement Security from a Medical Crisis”, you will learn:

  1. How advisors can and should help their aging clients and their clients’ adult children prepare for a health event ahead of time;
  2. A portrait of family caregivers to aging loved ones, and what can happen to their retirement security if their needs are not addressed;
  3. The consequence of advisors not having relationships with the adult children of aging clients;
  4. Why it is important to develop a team of professionals to refer.

Your presenter for this course:

Annalee Kruger, President, Care Right, Inc.

Annalee Kruger’s mission is to help families be pro-active and put plans in place before a medical crisis occurs. While she serves families in SW Florida, she also serves families across the US. Gone are the days of families living in the same zip code, let alone time zone. Annalee helps families with her virtual guidance service and virtual family meetings and family coaching/education.

In 2011 she founded Care Right Inc. to help families with aging loved ones navigate through the long-term care industry and cope with issues family caregivers encounter. Care Right’s mission is to help families be pro-active by facilitating difficult conversations early on, explain the importance of having their legal documents in order, explain the costs of health care, why having a financial plan is important, and developing a plan of care which incorporates the legal and financial planning.

She has worked with thousands of facility residents, their families, and caregivers as well as numerous health care agencies, and delivered hundreds of trainings and in-services to professionals and family caregivers on a variety of topics. Annalee has also provided business training for organizations across the US and China. Annalee has worked at every level in the long-term care industry, starting as a social worker over 25 years ago and eventually directing all operations of a community-based continuum of care retirement facility. Annalee earned her MBA at Cardinal Stritch University; her certificates in six sigma black belt; family mediation; and PTSD, grief, trauma, and loss counselling. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, National Association of Social Workers, and a sponsor of the Financial Planners Association in Wisconsin and Florida.

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