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Retirement Smart for Consumers, Employees, Clients


Retirement education you can trust by today’s experts to help you secure retirement.

Retirement assets are the name of the game in today’s investment management world.  However, registered investment advisor (RIA) firms are now competing with Robo-Advisors and other electronic forms of asset management platforms.  A high-touch approach such as expanding your services to include retirement planning and client education can provide needed advisor alpha and solidify your client relationships.

We’ve been designing and providing retirement education programs in live workshop and webinar formats for consumers and advisors for 30 years. We will help you design a webinar series from our library of on-demand courses from over 40 leading retirement experts and make it easy for you to cost-effectively reach new and existing clients in different locations, time zones and levels of knowledge.

Group events can be scheduled to allow you to interact with a select group of clients at a time, or access can be provided per client to watch with spouses or significant others after work hours.

Which topics should be included in a smart retirement education program for clients?

Content is more actionable when viewed in order of the topics below to develop a holistic understanding of the retirement income planning process, as well as to increase client participation in the webinars and application of concepts. We will work with you to design a nine-part series based on what you want clients to understand about how to make informed decisions for a secure retirement.

Dimension 1: PLAN Spending by Phase

1. Overview of a 21st-century retirement2. Plan for purposeful retirement; transitioning to retirement
3. Plan for a successful/healthy aging
4. Plan retirement expenses by retirement phase (early, mid, late)

Dimension 2: PROTECT Plan from Risks

4. Create a lifetime income foundation for self and spouse with Social Security
5. Choose the right Medicare plan
6. Fund retirement healthcare costs tax-free
7. Protect yourself from financial elder fraud

Dimension 3: PROVIDE Strategies for Optimizing Resources

8. Create a retirement income strategy
9. Annuities, life insurance, and retirement income
10. Home equity strategies that protect managed assets
11. Rollovers and withdrawals from qualified plans and IRAs
12. Divorce and retirement plans
13. Medicaid funding for long-term care if needed
14. Retirement plan trusts to protect estate wishes
15. Five last wishes (aging with dignity)


How does our Retirement Smart series work?

  • Register for and name a “team” package upon checkout
  • Choose the number of individuals you’d like to provide access
  • You will receive an email providing member login credentials
  • Upload or manually enter the contact information of “team” members who are to have access
  • We will work with you to choose and schedule nine broadcasts of the webinar topics listed above for clients to view over a 12 month period; additional programs can be added
  • Programs can be accessed by clients in a group learning format or by self-study.  You schedule group sessions and promote the time(s) to clients which provides you another opportunity to build value through regular touches
  • Those you registered as team members will receive access to print a PDF of slides and a one-page Action Plan for capturing next steps whether they take a course in group or on-demand self-study formats
  • We provide you with a link to an evaluation per course or for the series that clients can complete online.


What clients say about Retirement Smart courses

“Provided multiple areas to think about for retirement. Made me see the need to visit with a planner or advisor now versus waiting.”

“Provided things to think about that I had not previously considered.”

“Helpful with showing how inflation and healthcare will affect our retirement savings/spending.”

“This showed me where I need to be for retirement.”

“Even though I don’t plan to retire for 5-10 years, I wish I would have learned this sooner.”

“Explained very well so the average person could understand. I learned so much!”

“The information was presented in a way I could understand and use once in retirement.”

“No one should consider retirement without this information.”

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Retirement Smart courses

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