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Retirement Professional Development Membership Monthly Webinar Series

Since 1995, I’ve spoken at and helped many national conferences plan their topics on retirement education, advice, income management, planning strategies, readiness and purposeful retirement. However, many professionals cannot attend these highly-valuable educational and networking events due to time or budget constraints.

Because it is more important than ever for CRC®s, CFP®s, CPAs and other professionals to deepen their retirement-specific knowledge, we now have a series of monthly, one (1) hour LIVE webinars that will bring top retirement planning experts to your desktop.

Upcoming Live Webinar Schedule See the complete list of upcoming topics and speakers here.

You’ll experience conference-level presentations at a fraction of the cost of attending in person, receive 10 tips per session on how to implement what you learn, and have an opportunity to get your questions answered directly by the expert. Attending these live webinars will fulfill 1 - 1.5 CRC® and/or 1 - 1.5 CFP® CE credits per session. Courses will be recorded and available in elearning format shortly after the live session.

Check out this recent article in Bob Powell's USA Today column in which Betty Meredith gives guidance to soon-to-be retirees about what to do with 401k savings.

InFRE's Kevin Seibert was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and LifeHealthPro recently discussing advantages of CRC® program.

Upcoming Professional Development Webinars

06/25/15 Live Webinar Event - “Pensionizing Your (Client’s) Nest Eggs”: What, How and Why? - Alexandra Macqueen

"Pensionizing Your (Client’s) Nest Eggs”: What, How and Why?

Thursday, June 25, 2015 12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT

By Alexandra Macqueen, CRC®
Co-author (with Dr. Moshe Milevsky) of 'Pensionize Your
Nest Egg: How to Use Product Allocation to Create
Guaranteed Income for Life' (Wiley 2015)

With the rapid decline of these traditional pensions over the past few decades, retirees must now create their own plans to ensure the savings they’ve accumulated for retirement last a lifetime.

One solution? “Pensionizing” a portion of your clients' nest egg -- by purchasing a “personal pension” that provides guaranteed income they can’t outlive.

In this session, attendees will discuss (a) the new risks that investors face as they approach and entire retirement, including longevity, inflation and sequence-of-returns risk, and (b) how retirees can combine financial and insurance products to create retirement income plans that meet their individual goals.

In particular, we will examine how the optimal product allocation for a retiree will depend on their preference for maximizing sustainable lifetime income, or maximizing a planned financial legacy.

In this session you will:

  1. Review the main risks that should be considered when creating retirement income plans.
  2. Explore how different types of financial products respond to the risks retirees face.
  3. Learn how “product allocation” can be used to mix-and-match financial and insurance products to create optimal retirement income plans in response to client goals.
  4. Discover, through the use of case studies, how “pensionizing” a fraction of a retiree’s nest egg impacts the sustainability of their lifetime income and their expected financial legacy.

Upcoming Live Webinar Schedule Register now!    This webinar is worth 1.0 hrs CRC® and/or CFP® (pending) CE credit - no exam necessary for those who attend the live event.

How IRA smart are YOU? Appleby IRA Training Series

Appleby IRA Training Series - $69 per course, or $595 for all 12!

Appleby's IRA Training Series of 12 courses is intended to provide an understanding of the rules and regulations that apply to IRAs, with a focus on contributions, rollovers, transfers and distributions. The next webinar in the series is:

"How to Avoid Traps and Penalties
for Early Distributions from IRAs
and Other Retirement Accounts"

Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 1:00 - 2:30 PM EDT

The courses focus on the technical and compliance aspects of these rules, and are intended to help you understand the steps that should be taken to avoid mistakes; and/or correct mistakes where allowed.

Each course is approved for 1.5 CRC® CE and 1.5 CFP® CE, for 18 CE annual* credits. Courses may be purchased separately here for $69 apiece, or at a 28% savings when you purchase all twelve courses for $595.

Appleby's IRA Training Series - Twelve monthly webinars - $595 Appleby's IRA Training Series - Twelve monthly webinars - $595 Register for the next webinar in Denise Appleby's IRA Appleby IRA Training Series - $69

Did you miss a webinar? No worries! You will still be able to receive CE without the need to take the online quiz as webinars will be rebroadcast on a rotating basis. In addition, webinar registrants will receive the elearning and audio versions of the course a week after the event.

*CE pending prior to broadcast of webinar event. Note that the online quiz must be taken successfully to receive CE credit for elearning or audio study; no quiz necessary with webinar attendance.

How IRA smart are YOU? - Appleby Retirement Consulting, Inc.

Denise Appleby, APA, CISP, CRPS,CRC®, CRSP
Appleby Retirement Consulting, Inc

"She clearly described situations and was sure to include warnings about possible problems. Her presentation style and delivery pace were well suited to the materials. I not only learned from this but also enjoyed it." ~Natalie Choate, Esq.

Take advantage of Appleby Consulting's wide range of topics to help you understand the rules, taxes and penalties that apply to IRA distributions, including Quick Reference Print and E- Guides summarizing IRA distributions, exceptions, options, and more. Read more about Denise's background and see our full selection of her IRA handouts and tools here, or click on the icons below for individual titles.

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Did you miss any of our recent featured speakers?

Every month we introduce new elearning and audio download courses based on our live webinar series.

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