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Upcoming Professional Development Webinars

A Primer for Advisors on the Aging Brain: Understanding Cognitive Impairment, Taking Action Steps

Wed., May 18, 2016 12-1 PM EDT

Register for 05/18/2016 - Live Webinar - A Primer for Advisors on the Aging Brain: Understanding Cognitive Impairment, Taking Action Steps - Sandra Timmermann - $39

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Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D., is a Doctor of Education and a nationally-recognized gerontologist with a focus on aging and its relation to business.

As our clients age, some of them will develop diseases such as Alzheimer's or other dementias.

Those who are cognitively impaired may put their own retirement security at risk, at the same time, can cause ethical and practical dilemmas for their financial advisors.

This webinar will help advisors better understand how the aging brain works, how to differentiate between normal memory loss and dementia, how to detect financial elder abuse and what steps should be taken if a client’s behavior changes due to cognitive impairment. In this session, you will:

  • Learn about the aging brain
  • Gain a better understanding of diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and the behaviors that result
  • Discover normal age-related changes in memory that occur in the brain and strategies to maintain brain health
  • Better understand how to detect elder financial abuse
  • Learn possible interventions and actions that advisors can take before and after their clients become cognitively impaired
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    How IRA smart are YOU? Appleby IRA Training Series

    Appleby IRA Training Series - Elearning set/12 - You save 25% with all twelve courses! IRA Training Series in Elearning format

    Appleby's IRA Training Series of 12 courses is intended to provide an understanding of the rules and regulations that apply to IRAs, with a focus on contributions, rollovers, transfers and distributions. The courses focus on the technical and compliance aspects of these rules, and are intended to help you understand the steps that should be taken to avoid and/or correct mistakes where allowed.
    Each individual course is approved for 1.5 CFP®, CRC® and PACE CE upon passing the online quiz, for a total of 18 CE hrs for the series.

    Click on any of the twelve Appleby IRA Training Series courses below to learn more or to purchased for $44.95 each, or SAVE 25% by purchasing all twelve elearning courses for $395. You keep $144 in your pocket!

    How IRA smart are YOU? - Appleby Retirement Consulting, Inc. Course topics:

    1. An Introduction to Rollover and Transfers Rules for Retirement Accounts
    2. Rollover Strategies for Asset Consolidation in Retirement Accounts
    3. Beneficiary Options for IRAs and Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans: Designations, Distributions and Avoiding Traps
    4. How to Avoid and/or Correct the Top Ten Distribution Mistakes Made with IRAs and Employer Plans
    5. Effective Strategies for Avoiding RMD Mistakes and Penalties
    6. How to Avoid Traps and Penalties for Early Distributions from IRAs and Other Retirement Accounts
    7. Three Critical Roth Conversion Rules That Every Advisor Should Know
    8. Twelve Ways for Funding an IRA–Part 1
    9. Twelve Ways for Funding an IRA–Part 2
    10. How to Avoid Taxes and Penalties on Roth IRA Distributions
    11. How to Use Small Business Retirement Plans to Grow Your Business
    12. How to Identify and Serve Small Business Prospects for Sep IRAs

    How IRA smart are YOU? - Appleby Retirement Consulting, Inc.

    Denise Appleby, APA, CISP, CRPS,CRC®, CRSP
    Appleby Retirement Consulting, Inc

    "She clearly described situations and was sure to include warnings about possible problems. Her presentation style and delivery pace were well suited to the materials. I not only learned from this but also enjoyed it." ~Natalie Choate, Esq.

    Take advantage of Appleby Consulting's wide range of topics to help you understand the rules, taxes and penalties that apply to IRA distributions, including Quick Reference Print and E- Guides summarizing IRA distributions, exceptions, options, and more. Read more about Denise's background and see our full selection of her IRA handouts and tools here.

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