William Meyer, Social Security and Optimal Asset Drawdown Strategies Expert

Meet William Meyer, Social Security and Optimal Asset Drawdown Strategies Expert

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Bill Meyers is the founder of a technology and advisory firm focused on providing services to Baby Boomers and in-retirement households. They deploy differentiated retirement solutions for individuals in distribution life-stage: personalized expense and income management, and optimal asset drawdown strategies to extend wealth.

Bill also provides technology and advice services to help retirees maximize their Social Security retirement benefits. Software is available to help advisors and practitioners deliver recommendations and analysis on claiming strategies.

Bill’s robust research is recognized for identifying the sub-optimal nature of the conventional wisdom currently used to create withdrawal strategies and solving the gap in retirement income with a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy that is proven to extend portfolio longevity by up to a decade.

William Meyer's Retirement Expertise

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Throughout his career, William Meyer looked for new ways to deliver higher quality advice to people in retirement. He has a unique combination of experiences in leading the design and launch of innovative client centric services and products, as well as leveraging technology in service offerings.

Early in Bill’s career, he learned financial planning techniques for the affluent, and has strived to apply those insights to all households regardless of wealth. He has a track record of successfully developing products and services in executive leadership roles at H&R Block, Advisor Software, and Charles Schwab. He is a former Trustee of the Securities Industry Institute at Wharton.

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Bill reminded us of the importance of understanding Social Security, Medicare, taxes and withdrawal plans. I appreciate seeing examples that will help me have impactful conversations with clients.