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Why do financial professionals need to deepen and broaden their understanding of retirement?

Retirement income planning is complex.

According to the Investment Company Institute, total US retirement assets were $26.6 trillion as of June 30, 2017, accounting for 34 percent of all household financial assets in the United States.

The fiduciary duty of loyalty (putting the best interests of the client first), is only one-half of the fiduciary standard. As retirement professionals, we also are required to meet a fiduciary duty of care. The Department of Labor’s Best Interests Contract Exemption attaches a fiduciary obligation to the Financial Institution itself to sufficiently train their advisors. Advisors need to know what are the best potential solutions for the client.

Get access to up-to-date retirement professional development from retirement industry leaders.

The RRC Professional Development Subscription Program was created to serve your needs as a retirement professional. Subjects and speakers are chosen especially for retirement professionals, financial advisors, accountants, call center professionals, support staff, and public sector defined benefit, hybrid and defined contribution educators.

The three components of retirement and income planning

The new retirement environment requires advisors take a holistic approach when managing the retirement assets, income, and risks of the mid-market.

How can you be sure you have a mastery of this range of retirement expertise?

Retirement Resource Center courses are broken down into the three components of retirement and income planning, providing a full curriculum to fortify every retirement professional’s proficiency.

PLAN for Retirement Readiness

Part 1 - PLAN for Retirement Readiness

Learn more about
PLANNING for Retirement Readiness

What does it mean to be retirement ready? Most people would agree that the goal of a successful retirement is to be happy, healthy and financially secure. We help advisors holistically plan for retirement readiness by providing CE courses from today’s experts. Read more…

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PROTECT from Retirement Risks

Part 2 - PROTECT from Retirement Risks

Learn more about
PROTECTING from Retirement Risks

When we approach retirement planning, we need to prioritize a client’s ability to protect against the additional primary risks of inflation, longevity, health and long-term care before we plan for their investing risk tolerance. A large segment of Read more…

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PROVIDE Retirement Income

Part 3 - PROVIDE Retirement Income

Learn more about
PROVIDING Retirement Income

When helping the middle mass and middle affluent consumers plan for retirement income, a more defensive strategy is needed than just the structured, 4% systematic withdrawal approach commonly used by financial advisors today. To estimate how long a Read more…

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Courses are available in Overview, Intermediate, and Delve Deeper Levels

Are you looking to learn more about the retirement-specific aspects of financial planning as it pertains to retirement readiness, risks, and income? Or are you looking to further develop your proficiency? We offer courses from a BASIC level of learning to INTERMEDIATE courses in all three areas of PLAN – PROTECT – PROVIDE.

For those who want a very thorough understanding of retirement subject areas we direct you to our DELVE DEEPER topics.

Courses qualify for CFP®, CRC®, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, CASL, ASPPA, and other certifications continuing education (CE) credit.

The Retirement Resource Center provides retirement-specific professional development programs by leading experts so advisors and middle-income consumers make decisions that fortify their retirement security and peace of mind.

You can earn continuing education credit from our live and on-demand webinar courses for the following certifications:

CFP BOARD - CE Quality Partner - Retirement Resource Center

CFP BOARD – CE Quality Partner – Retirement Resource Center

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For retirement professional teams – Retirement conferences on-demand!

A Retirement Conference On Demand

A Retirement Conference On Demand

We’ve built relationships with the retirement industry’s leading speakers, authors, trainers and professional development experts over almost 30 years in the financial industry. Find out more about the experts who write, produce and present retirement education courses, materials and consulting available through the Int’l Retirement Resource Center.

Retirement professionals can access either a custom-designed group series through our “Retirement Conference On-Demand programs, or individually with our regularly-scheduled, live monthly professional development/continuing education series of over 60 retirement-specific courses available singly. Our educational programs reach advisors, employers, groups of advisors, retirement professional office staff, and consumers. Programs are available individually or as a sponsored promotion by a financial services firms.

Retirement Conferences On-Demand are based on recommended learning plans for YEAR 1 (Overview Level Plan) and YEAR 2 (Intermediate Level Plan), as well as a recommended learning plan for consumers and employees.

Click here to learn more about how you can schedule a custom Retirement Conference On-Demand for up to 25 individuals.

LEARN MORE about Custom Retirement Conferences On Demand for up to 25 individuals

Do you have a specific question about how we can help your organization, firm, or company to become more Retirement Smart? Contact us directly to inquire about this or other Client- and Employee- specific and Licensable courses.


For individual advisors – 60+ courses including weekly no-quiz webinars!!

How do we help you to fit the retirement education and information you need into your busy schedule?

We believe that the best way to earn retirement-specific continuing education throughout the year. This is how our individual advisor professional development program works:

  1. Our online courses are initially delivered as monthly live webinars, where attendees have the opportunity to ask the expert questions and earn CE credit without taking a quiz.
    • Do you have a question for our live presenters? Ask the presenter your question during upcoming LIVE webinars.
  2. Next, we offer weekly rebroadcast webinars to give busy advisors the opportunity to earn quiz-free CE 52 weeks/year.
  3. Finally, webinars are recorded and made available as on-demand elearning courses to make it easy for you to learn and acquire CE credit in a format and time-frame that fits your lifestyle.

A printable certificate confirms CE credit is successfully earned for live and on-demand courses. CE is reported directly to the CFP Board of Standards (CFP) and the International Foundation for Retirement Education (CRC). Advisors must self report CE for other certifications and designations.

  • Not familiar with on-demand courses? We help you be sure you’re comfortable navigating our online system. Just contact our customer service department by email anytime or by phone 847.686.0440×105 during regular business hours.

Need more CE? Save with a Retirement Resource Center Subscription

Retirement Professional Development CE Subscriptions

Retirement Professional Development CE Subscriptions

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60+ weekly no-quiz webinars and on-demand courses – One low price!

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Choose from 60+ high-quality, informative webinars by today's leading experts.

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21st Century Longevity, Health, & Wealth: Preparing for Health Care Risks in Retirement
Heather Holmes

Guaranteed Income: The Forgotten Household Assets
David Blanchett

No Portfolio is an Island
David Blanchett

The Holy Grail of Retirement: How to increase income and growth while improving liquidity
Curtis Cloke

21st Century Medicare Planning to Protect Your Client’s Healthcare Rights and Retirement Savings
Emily Gang

Hacking Longevity: How Three Generations Over 50 are Navigating Longer Lives
Lori Bitter

Off With Your (Rule of) Thumbs!
Michael Falk

The Impact of Retirement Age Uncertainty on Retirement Outcomes
David Blanchett

A 21st Century Connection: Health and Wealth
Ron Mastrogiovanni

Heading Toward Social Security Reform
Bruce Schobel

Optimizing Retirement Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Retirement Plans
Steve Vernon and Wade Pfau

The “Missing Link”: The Broadening Extended and LTC Planning Options
Carroll Golden

A Primer for Advisors on the Aging Brain: Understanding Cognitive Impairment, Taking Action Steps
Sandra Timmermann

Housing for Retirees: Buy, Sell or Hold?
Michael Falk

Pensionizing Your (Client’s) Nest Eggs: What, How and Why?
Alexandra MacQueen

The Personal Cost of Caregiving: Women Need to Protect THEIR Retirement Too!
Cindy Hounsell

Addressing the Longevity Challenge: Housing Wealth Strategies that Improve Portfolio Survival
Bruce McPherson

How Much Can I Spend in Retirement? A Guide to Investment-Based Retirement Income Strategies
Wade Pfau

Protecting Your Clients From Financial Abuse
Bob Mauterstock

The Platinum Retirement Challenge - Gray Divorce
Lili Vasileff

Advance Care Planning: A Critical Component for Building Client Relationships
Paul Malley

How to Make Your Clients’ Money Last Longer with Withdrawal Sequence Strategies
William Meyer

Protecting Your Clients from Financial Elder Fraud
David Kessler

The Value of Safe Home Care
Phil Bongiorno

America’s REAL Retirement Coverage Crisis Solution - The HSA in Your Future
Jack Towarnicky

How to Protect an Aging Client’s or Adult Child’s Retirement Security from a Medical Crisis
Annalee Kruger

Retirement Happiness: Planning for a Successful Transition

John Nelson

Three Steps to Helping Clients Manage Health Care Costs in Retirement
David Armes

Behavioral Finance: Why Do We Do the Things We Do
Michael Wilson

Integrating Home Equity and Retirement Savings through the "Rule of 30"
Neuwirth and Sacks

Retirement Planning Beyond the Dollars and Cents
Robert Laura

Through the Looking Glass: Three Popular Retirement Income Philosophies
Jamie Hopkins

Building a Generational Practice with Extended and Long Term Care - Carroll Golden
Carroll Golden

Is Retirement Past Its Prime? The Economic & Behavioral Realities of Retirement

Michael Falk

Reverse Mortgage for Purchase: Helping Seniors Buy a Right-Size Home with the Right Tool
Allen Chao

Understanding Communication Styles for More Effective Client Relations
Joseph Tabers

Effective One-to-One Communication for Advisors and Retirement Counselors
Joseph Tabers

Key IRA Changes Made by the SECURE Act
Denise Appleby

Reverse Mortgage Strategies for the Middle Market: An Alternative Asset Buffer
Shelley Giordano

Understanding How Different Types of Annuities Work
Wade Phau

Elder Law Basics: Long Term Care Medicaid & Asset Protection Planning for Seniors
Amber Woodland

Managing Retirement Income: What Your Clients Need to Know
Kevin Seibert

Social Security: Uncovering Opportunities to Bring Value to Your Clients and Prospects
Heather Schreiber

What Color Is Your Parachute? for Retirement: Planning for Prosperity, Health and Happiness
John Nelson

Estimating the True Cost of Retirement
David Blanchett

Maximizing Your Clients’ Social Security
Matthew Allen

Tax-Efficient Draw Downs in Retirement
Stephen Horan

What's Trending in the Field of Aging? Connecting the Dots with Financial Services
Sandra Timmermann

Everything You Need to Know… About Investing
Michael Falk

Medicare 101 – The As, Bs, Cs, and Ds of Medicare
Erin Fisher

The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle: Helping Couples Navigate Their Retirement Transition
Dorian Mintzer

Where Senior Living and Retirement Planning Intersect, Opportunities Emerge

Brad Breeding

Fitting Home Equity into a Retirement Income Strategy
Wade Pfau

Medicare Advantage vs. Medigap: Which plan is right for your clients?
Joanne Giardini-Russell and Cameron Giardini

The DOL Fiduciary Rule and Your Duty of Care
Blaine Aikin

Women and Retirement
Cindy Hounsell, Mary Beth Franklin, Shelley Giordano, Betty Meredith